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2D fence panels

The 2D panels are fence panels without ribbings - the characteristic wire curve in the shape of letter V. They are produced from thick, stiff wire of fi diameter 6/5/6 mm. The steel wires, protected from corrosion and powder-coated in green or anthracite, are put into a "mesh"  of 50 x 200 mm. The ready-made fence panels from Sparta systems made by Polargos are 2.5 m wide, and you can choose their height according to your individual need (approximately in the range of 100 - 250 cm). You can easily install the fence panels by yourself or with the help of our experts.

The 2D fence panels are a great alternative to the fence mesh. They are durable and they look well. They have been used for years to protect the private, company, industrial and public properties (as well as parking lots, parks and squares).


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2D fence panels - galvanisation guarantees resistance

Fence panels from Sparta collection are protected from unfavourable weather conditions by adding a layer of zinc. Such coating gives the steel durability and corrosion resistance. The fence does not need the periodical maintenance and lets you enjoy its great appearance for many years. Additionally, the fence panels are powder-coated in green or anthracite colour, which also protects the steel from moisture, low temperatures and mechanical damage. Thanks to powder coaring, the paint permanently sticks to the steel - it does not wear off or chip away from the fence. The manufacturer Polargos offers 5 year guarantee for the 2D panels which you can find in our store.

The size of 2D fence panels 

The 2D fence panels from Sparta collection in our store are 2.5m wide. They are produced from a steel wire of fi diameter 6/5/6, placed horizontally and vertically to create a 50 x 200 mm mesh. You can adjust the height according to your needs:

  • 103 cm
  • 123 cm
  • 143 cm
  • 163 cm
  • 183 cm
  • 203 cm
  • 223 cm
  • 243 cm

In order to choose the right number of fence panels, you should precisely measure the perimeter of the lot and plan the location of installation posts.

Installation for 2D fence panels

Alongside the right number of fence panels, you also need to purchase fence posts and installation accessories - the initial, intermediate and end clamps or panel clips. You can install the fence by yourself. 

First, you should thoroughly clean the area, getting rid of any stones, branches or greenery, and perhaps even out the ground, if needed. Then, you need to dig out holes, put the posts in them, align vertically and fill with concrete. If the fence is to stand on a fence foundation, first prepare the foundation in which you will install prefabricated parts. When the concerete is dry and well compacted, you can start installing the fence onto the posts. In order to do that, use installation clamps.

Panele ogrodzeniowe 2D – cena ogrodzenia panelowego

The 2D panels are, right after fence mesh, one of the cheapest and most economical ways to fence a property. The price of one 2D fence panel from Sparta system depends on its height. The lowest costs around 100 PLN per piece, while the highest will be twice as much. Please bear in mind, that the 2D fence panels are galvanised to protect from corrosion and will protect for many years to come.

Where can you use the 2D fence panels?

The fence panels can be used to protect any type of property - private, public, or industrial (also to divide it into parts). It is a universally used solution. You can use it as a full fence, picking the fence panel walk gates and entry gates, also opened automatically. In case of a private property, you can match the 2D fence panels with another type of fence installed at the front. While choosing this option, consider a fence foundation, which will make the fence look more asethetically pleasing.

2D or 3D fence panels?

While planning the property fence, consider 3D panels as an alternative to 2D panels. The difference lies in the ribbings, which appear on the whole width of the panel (in its top and / or bottom part) to add a neat visual aspect. Both solutions are as stable and durable, so the choice only depends on your personal visual preferences.

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