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3D Panels

In contrast with 2D panels, 3D panels are additionally equipped with ribbings - fence wires curved in the shape of letter V. Ribbings are usually placed across the whole panel width, and, depending on the overall height, may be placed in various parts - most often at the bottom, at the top and in the middle of the fence panel. 3D panels are available in many different heights, while their width is always 250 cm. In the Sparta system from Polargos you will also find matching walk gates and entry gates (also automated).

3D panel fences have an esthetic appearance and are uniquely durable. The steel wires are protected from corrosion through galvanisation. You can also buy panels that are powder-coated in anthracite colour. The panels can be easily installed on your own.


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3D fence panels – fence measurements

3D fence panels are produced from thick, stiff steel wire of 3.2, 4 or 5 fi diameter. The wires that are placed horizontally and vertically create a mesh of 200 x 50 mm or 200 x 70 mm. Choose one of the available heights

  • 103 cm
  • 123 cm
  • 153 cm
  • 173 cm

Each of the 3d fence panels are in total 2.5m wide. Before purchasing, please remember to precisely measure the perimeter of the area and choose the right number of fence panels. Don't forget to purchase fence posts and clamps as well - they are necessary for fence installation.

3D fence panel - galvanised and powder-coated 

3D fence panels from Sparta system produced by Polargos are available in two options: only galvanised or additionally powder-coated in anthracite colour. The first option is going to have a characteristic, silver-like colour. It will be well-protected from corrosion for many years to come, however we advise you paint the panels right after purchasing, which will make them last longer. The manufacturer offers a 2 year guarantee. On the other hand, panels that are galvanised and powder-coated will not need any of your additional care or maintenance work, and they have a longer, 5 year guarantee.

3D panel fence installation

This type of fence can be easily installed by yourself. Beside the fence panels, you'll also need steel posts and additional accessories - installation clamps (initial, corner and intermediate) or clips. The 3D panel fence can be installed in two ways - on a fence foundation or directly above the ground (connected only to the posts). In both cases you should prepare the area - clear it off and even it out, if needed. Then, you can dig out holes for posts or foundations for concrete blocks. The posts that are placed in the holes should be well-aligned vertically; then fill the holes with concrete. After some time, you can begin installing the fence panels by connecting them and mounting onto the posts.

Walk gates and gates for 3D panel fence

To match the 3D panel fence, you can also purchase a compatible walk gate and an entry gate. These elements in panel version will look great with the rest of the fence, and they are considerably cheaper than other options and solutions. Walk gates and entry gates are enclosed in solid steel frames. Entry gates are available in two options - double-wing leaf gate or sliding gate, which can also be equipped with a drive for automatic opening.

3D fence panels - a price for one

3D fence panels are one of the most budget-friendly solutions for fencing an area. The basic "eco" version will cost only as much as 40-80 PLN for one - there will be thinner wires (3.2 fi diameter). Below 100 PLN you can dinf fence panels made from thicker wire (4 fi diameter), while a bit pricier will be the thickest wire (5 fi diameter). The final price depends on the height of the panels.

3D fence panels - when should you use them?

The panel fence system will work great in any situation. It is chosen by both owners of private properties, as well as managers of public and recreation areas, car parks, squares, parks. 3D panels will also protect industrial and company areas, regardless of their size (both small companies as well as big corporations).


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