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Fence accessories

In our wide selection of fence accessories you will find all the essentials - everything for installing, repeating, optimizing various types of fences, gates, and walk gates and their decorative elements, such as:

  • the elements of gates and walk gates (hinges, locks, zaczepy, wkładki, blokady, klamki, kotwy, ograniczniki, rygle, samozamykacze, szyldy);
  • the fence installation elements (clamps, connectors, hooks, draw wires, rails);
  • the gate automation (drives, remote controls, switchboards, receivers, photocells, antennas, warning lamps, guide rolles);
  • the decorative elements (groty, gałki, nasadki słupków);
  • the preparation products for installation (sprays, sztyfty zaprawowe).

Not sure which solution will work best for you? Call us or send us a message, and we will check all the parameters needed.

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Fence accessories - installation and decorations

No matter what type of fence you have, to install it properly, you will need the right accessories. If you want to install the fence on your own, you are going to need both the fence parts and elements needed to connect them - clips and clamps (initial, corner, intermediate), connectors. Even in case of a simple standard wire mesh, you will need a few additional installation elements - posts, tensioners and draw wires. You can add a decorative element to your classic fence, for example a set of ornamental spikes - unique forged elements.

Fence accessories

In order to properly install a walk gate in your fence, you are going to need many elements - hinges, handle, lock and its cylinder, screws. If you install the walk gate on concrete posts, you will also need special anchors. The specialists in our store will gladly help you choose the right installation accessories. We advise to consider the most modern solutions - electronic gadgets for walk gates, which include very practical access keyboards or electric strikes that ensure a high level of security and comfort for the household members. 

Elements and accessories for driveway gates

Installing a driveway gate (of any type) is not possible without the right elements - hinges, bolts, anchors and stops. If they are not available in sets, you will need to buy them separately. These elements are used a lot and it may turn out that once every few years you will need to replace them with brand new ones. A muanually opened driveway gate you can additionally equip with an automation device - a drive which automatically opens and closes the gate, which will help increase the safety of household members and great convenience.

Accessories for the garage doors - tilt up canopy and sectional garage doors 

Accessories for the tilt up canopy or sectional garage doors mostly include mechanisms and actuators for opening and closing automatically. They also include some additional elements such as photocells or warning lamps, which operate to keep you safe. You can also purchase a remote control, antenna or receiver just in case something gets lost, breaks down or you just want to improve the operating power of the device (for example, increasing the operating range).

Thanks to a special mechanism, you can connect your garage doors to the smart home system and program its operation when you leave home for work or when you get back home from work.


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