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Automation for gates

Automation for gates will allow you to safely and comfortably open and close the entrance using a remote control, without having to leave your car. If you have a manually operated gate (either a double-leaf swing or sliding gate) or a garage door, you can equip it with an additional electric drive. This device has to be well-matched to the type of your gate and its parameters such as the width and the weight. Some of the models of this type of gate equipment are compatible with the so-called smart home systems. Do you need help? Call us - we will help!

If you are just purchasing the gate for your fence, choose directly one of our automated propositions. This way, you will save money and you will be sure that the actuator and the gate will cooperate well. = Jak możemy Ci pomóc


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Automation for double-leaf swing gates

The actuators that you can purchase vary greatly from each other - they can have a different installation method, technical parameters, functionality, compatibility level, brand and price. While choosing the best product for you, first consider the place where you wish to install it. Most of such products are installed directly on the gate. If it is not possible or you want the mechanism to be invisible, consider purchasing an underground device.

In order to choose a drive that is compatible with your gate, you need to compare the technical parameters of the gate and mechanism. Manufacturers provide the maximum dimensions and the possible opening angle of specific elements. Pay attention to the universal installation options if you want to install the device on your own - quickly, easily, and without much hassle. Choose a mechanism which has a regulated smooth run that will decrease the speed of the wings just before they reach their marginal numbers. It will protect your gate and all of the mechanical elements from any damage. Remember to look carefully at the content of the purchased set so that you can buy any additional accessories (for example photocells) if needed.

Automation for sliding gates

Similarly to the case of a double-leaf swing gate, while buying an automat for your sliding gate, you need to ensure the compatibility of both elements. Check the technical parameters of the devices to see if the automat will be the right one for the specific width and weight. Please remember that there will be different mechanisms for private house gates and industrial buildings.

We can recommend all of the actuators available in our store. They work smoothly and quietly, they are resistant and protected from corrosion, and they operate regardless of the temperature of the surrounding. The sets usually contain all necessary elements and accessories for self-assembly (such as a remote control, a receiver). Any additional elements like photocells or warning lamps you will need to buy separately. Pay attention to the level of the device protection, the technology, the number of remote controls that can be connected, the time of opening the gate, and the possibility to connect to a smart home switchboard (eg. TaHoma).

Automation for garage doors

An automatically opened garage door is a practical solution. It is a must have if you enter you garage directly from the street - it is a matter of your safety. If you leave your car on the street, it may present danger to other drivers. It would be a good idea to choose an automatically-opened mechanism as your first option, however if you already have garage doors that are manually opened, you can simply choose a good drive. 

You can install actuators for garage doors on your own. It is a simple task of installing special tracks on the garage ceiling and mounting a drive, which will automatically move the gate segments on the guide rails..

Accessories for entry gates and garage doors

In most of the drive systems for fences or garage doors, all the necessary accessories are already in the set. Over time, it may turn out that one of the elements got lost (a remote control, for instance) or broke down. Some of the additional gadgets can also increase the level of your security and comfort. That is why you can find in our store accessories such as:

  • remote controls for gates (two- and four-channels, wall-mounted),
  • emergency batteries,
  • radio receivers,
  • key control switches,
  • outside antennas and switchboards,
  • photocells,
  • warning LED lamps.
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