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Accessories for automation

The accessories for driveway gates or garage doors will make them operate better, as well as improve your level of comfort and security during parking. We advise to buy an emergency battery to the mechanism that you already own, which will allow your gate to work automatically even in case of a power cut. The photocells or warning lights will prevent any unfortunate events, such as damaging your vehicle or the gate itself. 

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Modern, functional remote controls, control panels and receiver devices will allow you to control two independent mechanisms at the same time (e.g. the driveway gate and the garage doors). The accessories are in part compatible with the so-called smart home systems.

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Remote controls for gates

The remote controls for entry gates or garage doors are available in the set with drives. It is not uncommon, though, that their functionality does not meet the users' expectations. The modern multichannel solutions will allow you to control various elements of the house and fence - the entry gates and garage doors, walk gates or window blinds. Their range varies from 40 to 80 metres. Thanks to special blockades, it is not possible to even accidentally open or run an element. You can also equip your entry gate with a key switch, which will make it possible to open the gate without a remote control when nobody is home (for example, by your guests, cleaners or garbage collectors).

Akcesoria do napędów – anteny, centrale, odbiorniki

You will find everything you need to install and operate a gate drive when you purchase it as a set. It is worth considering, though, to purchase some additional elements - antennae, switchboards or receivers, which will make the operation smoother. That way, you can increase the remote control range or allow for controlling a few elements at the same time (all of the gates, walk gates, or lighting). Please remember that installation of an additional antennae may be necessary in a place where there are many radio waves, for example in a big city.

Akcesoria do automatyki – lampy ostrzegawcze i fotokomórki

It is not essential to install photo cells or warning lamps on an automatically opened gate, however it can greatly improve the safety of using them. The blinking LED lamps signal the opening of the gate, which proves especially useful in the evenings. Photo cells, in turn, can detect an object in the operating area of the gate and can block it or make it open again. It may be a car entrering the property, but also a child or an animal. That way, a chance of an unwanted accident is reduced to zero.


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