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Classic fences

Classic fences are distinguished by their timeless elegant form and design. They match perfectly with the architecture and arrangement of traditional houses, becoming an integral part of the living area. In our offer there are classic fences that are sophisticated - richly ornamented (metalworking elements, mainsails) and more minimalistic, referencing the modernity. Each of them will raise the level of prestige of your estate and will become its hallmark. For each collection we designed fence panels, entry gates and walk gates - all in a cohesive style.

Choose a galvanised classic fence with that is protected from corrosion or a budget-friendly fence that you can protect on your own. Each of out fence systems can be customised to individual dimensions. If you need a complex service, we also offer the assembling of our fences.

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Classic fences – forged elements that add subtlety

Forged elements of fences are made in the process of the artistic steel machining. These unique metalworking ornaments add subtlety and lightness to the class fences. Rosettes, pinecones, spiral and geometrical elements, and mainsails adorn the fence panels, gates and walk gates. Their form and character result from a chosen collection. Along with the appearance, there is reliable durability - the anticorrosive zinc and powder coating protect the forged fences. You can but a fence for less if you want to take care of the protective coating yourself. 

Classic fences protected from corrosion - galvanisation and powder coating

A selection of our classic fences has already been well protected from corrosion. In this case, each element (panels, entry gate, walk gate, decorations) is zinc coated, which makes it immune to unfavourable weather conditions (moisture, low temperatures) and corrosion. Additionally, these fences are powder coated, which means that you do not have to worry the conservation - they will preserve its beautiful and aesthetic presence for many years to come. For every galvanised fence you will get a 5-year manufacturer guarantee. 

A classic fence for less - without the anticorrosive coating

If you are more budget-conscious and the price plays a big role, consider our economical option. Some of the products in our shop are covered only with a foundation coat by their producer. If you choose them, remember to very thoroughly cover the elements with an anticorrosive paint on you own right after installing the fence. 

Simple and minimalistic classic fences - with a hint of modern design

Simplicity and minimalism are the base of modern design but they can also be traced in the classic architecture. In case of fences, these are straight, vertical or horizontal, densely placed steel railings. If there are any decorations, they are quite sporadic and of geometric, simple forms - subtle spheres, rhomboids or small ribbings. In our shop you can see the examples in the Brema, Lila, Londyn and Rita 2 systems from Polargos.

Richly decorated fences - elegance and prestige! 

Rich but subtle ornaments, wavy and arched top bars which add to the lightness are the most recognizable elements of a classic fence. Forged steel elements can have many forms - intricate pinecones, snails, sculptured spheres, mainsails, which make the whole fence very elegant, chic, and prestigious. They are available in the following of the products in our store: the Eliza, Flora, Malaga, Polis or York systems.

Installing the classic fence 

The classic fence from Polargos and Gatigo available in our shop can be installed in many ways, the most common of which is in the combination of the fence foundation and posts, be it concrete, stone or clinker. Every fence system offers various methods of installing. Additionally, there are  matching walk gates and entry gates (sliding, double leaf, automated) in the same style as the fence panels. Do not forget to add your basket the necessary installation elements: clamps, posts, connectors, closings, locks, door handles.  

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