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Fence panel, Amida fence (1)

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Fence panel, Amida fence

Amida is a modern fence with a simple design with wide bars, this type of fence will be well aligned with each facility arrangement and architecture. The fence has been painted as anthracite, additionally decorated with a delicate structure, forming an extremely stylish whole. Amida is a galvanized and powder painted fence with a 5-year warranty.

Amida span was designed with the greatest care, with high quality galvanized steel used for its construction. This makes it highly robust and highly resistant to corrosion.

The spans create a fence and give it a specific style. They're plotting the boundaries of our land. They also build the first and basic barrier against uninvited guests. 

Corrosion protection

In single-family or segmented housing, bays made of zinc-coated and powder painted steel are usually used. They look elegant and luxurious "for years". Zinc provides rust resistance, and powder painting improves aesthetic qualities of the fencing and additionally protects the fencing. Paint is evenly spread and free of sags. Both galvanizing and (Duplex) painting offer the best protection against atmospheric conditions and UV radiation. Thanks to this manufacturing technology, we can offer as many as 5 years warranty on our fencing spans.

Construction of fence span

Spans are rectangular elements of fencing mounted between the poles by means of special connectors. Each span model has several standard dimension options at attractive prices. The Amida spine is manufactured in standard dimensions: 120 x 200 cm or 150 x 200 cm. It is worth remembering that for proper assembly the standard span needs 202 cm in the clearance of the posts (both metal and brick). To select one of the standard options, simply select the desired standard variant or CUSTOM option in the "span dimension" box and enter your own height and width dimensions in the bar light. 

What do I have to buy?

In order for the bays to be installed, we must purchase additional metal posts and connectors with screws or a clamp post profile specific to the profile. When assembling to brick posts, we no longer have to buy metal posts. We then use the same connectors as when assembling to metal posts, but we must remember to purchase additional plugs, appropriate for the material used for the post or brick posts. All additional items can be found in related products at the bottom of the page. 

Foundation for spans

To assemble spans, it is enough to place posts in the ground and fasten spans to them, but if we want our fence to look even more solid, consider preparing a foundation for spans. We can perform the concrete work ourselves or have it done by the assembly team. Sometimes it is more convenient to use ready-made elements - foundation blocks and channel bars for spans.

If we decide to base ourselves above ground level, remember to order a bay lower enough to fit in height to the gate and wicket, which are mounted without additional increases. In this way we will be able to mount all elements of the fence at the same height, and their fillings will face (match each other).

To find out more about the assembly process, here is the correct assembly guide/diagram. 

Spans per dimension

In some patterns, such as Amida can decide on the dimensions of the bays. We're flexible and we'll start manufacturing a customer-defined high and wide bay. How do I do this? Before you add a product to your cart, you must select a CUSTOM span dimension and enter the desired dimensions in the appropriate panes, and the cost of the product will be automatically calculated.

If the value we specify is not allowed, then the system will inform us and display the possible range of dimensions. In this case, we encourage you to use the "ask for a product" option at the top of the page and contact the advisor individually through the form. Perhaps after the structural changes we will be able to produce a product with dimensions outside the displayed range.

If you wish to find elements with non-standard heights in the fence line, consult your advisor by telephone or e-mail regarding the facing (adjustment) of fills between gates, wickets and spans. 

The production of non-standard spans per dimension is associated with a higher price than for standard spans, which results from much higher labor costs, not from the amount of raw material needed for production.

Color scheme

The spans are painted according to the RAL color palette. Each product is of a standard color as outlined on the Technical Specifications tab. However, we can choose a different color based on the available color choices and take advantage of custom colors for an additional 20% fee. In some cases, we can also ask you to paint on a selected RAL color palette number using the "ask for product" option.

Direct from producer

Our fences are produced by the renowned Polish company Polargos, located in Oziemkówka near to Garwolin not far from Warsaw. Almost 30 years of Brand experience with industry distinctions are a guarantee of order quality. Polargos annually market new products in which they supply, among other products, large retail chains such as Castorama, Obi and Leroy Merlin.

The Polish Fences Store is the official Polargos store, operating on the market for 7 years, the largest and the only one that offers to buy fences online, without having to contact an advisor. Simply add the selected products to your shopping cart and pay for your order, and the products will be delivered to the address indicated.

Redemption & Delivery

The lead time depends on whether the order is for standard products or products per dimension. The maximum lead time for a given product is displayed at the top of the page next to the price for the product.

After you add all your products to your cart, we'll automatically show you shipping costs. Transport rates throughout Poland are dependent only on the size of the order, so distance from the production site is irrelevant. If you ship internationally you can negotiate the shipping price - just click "ask for product" and send a message.

At the end of production, we send a text message and an e-mail message with information about the order shipment. From that moment on, the driver has several working days to make an appointment for the delivery of the goods. We use experienced forwarding companies, specialized in transporting large orders. However, it is worth knowing that the contracting authority is obliged to unload the goods. For more information, see the Delivery tab.


Fence Store orders are pre-paid using a variety of online payment options. You can also purchase as an installment. All payment methods are convenient and secure. We do not offer cash payments or COD payments. We issue VAT and VAT 0% for active EU VAT payers with international delivery. See the payment tab for more information.


If you have any additional questions, we encourage you to follow the answers to the FAQs and to contact us individually via the "ask for a product" option. We respond to individual quotations and requests for fencing elements completion within 3 working days.

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