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Fence panels

Fence panels are a great way to economically as well as solidly and aesthetically secure the property. They look well as a fence for a house, an industrial or public property, or even a recreational area. The metal fence panels can be installed quickly, directly above the ground or on fence foundations. They are produced from stiff steel wires, usually galvanised and powder coated.

You only need to measure the fenced area, choose the right height of the panels (the standard width is 2.5m) and the variant, and then put into the basket the right amount of fence panels, posts and installation elements. You can install fence panels all on your own. If at any point you will need our help, contact us.

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How do the fence panels look like? 

Metal panel fences are produced from stiff and thick steel wires. They are welded vertically and horizontally in such a way that they create "eyes", which is why they resemble fence mesh. Of course, they look better and they are more resistant. In our store you can find both the 2D fence panels (straight), and the 3D fence panels (with ribbings) in various sizes. In the 3D variant, the modern fence panels are equipped with additional ribbings - some fo the wires in different parts of the panels are curved into the shape of letter V.

How are the fence panels protected? 

Galvanisation and powder coating - these are two main processes, in which the fence panels are protected from corrosion and unfavourable weather conditions.

  • Galvanisation is a process of coating the fence panels with a layer of zinc. Usually it is a "bath" of heated zinc. That way, on the surface of the metal, an alloy is created, whose outer layer is pure zinc. This coating is inseperable from the material and effectivelyt protects from corrosion.
  • Powder coating is a process of putting a layer of electrified particles onto the fence. Next, the elements of fence panels are heated to the right temperature, which makes the paint polimerise and integrate into the metal structure.

Fence panels that are galvanised and powder coated are resistant to corrosion (the layers protect the steel from oxidising and moisture), and get a very neat and clean look. These two processes used together comprise the so-called DUPLEX system - currently one of the best anti-corrosion protection.

In what colours can you buy the fence panels? 

Anthracite, black, brown, green - these are the standard colours of powder-coated fence panels. Currently for sale there are also panels which are only galvanised, which gives them very specific silver-like sheen. If you are looking for non-standard colour palette, contact us - perhaps we will be able to fulfill your wish.

W jakich wymiarach produkowane są panele ogrodzeniowe?

The size of fence panels is mostly standardised. Each of the fence panel from Sparta system is 2.5 m wide. You can choose the height according to your individual need - from 103 to 243 cm.

There is also variation in the diameter of the wire, from which the fence panels are produces. Usually, the diameters are fi 4.0 and 5.0.

How to install fence panels? 

The fence panel manufacturer in our store - the Polargos company - takes great care to provide a simple and quick installation. The ready-made fence panels only need to be connected with the installation posts by special clasps or clips.

If the fence panels are to be mounted directly above the ground, then the installation posts only need to be stabilised and put into concrete. The whole installation does not need any fence foundation, though of course you can use it to support the fence. In that case, you need to prepare a deep enough concrete topping or use a prefabrication.

The fence panels are prepared in such a way that you can install them by yourself, without any expert knowledge or professional tools. Installation will be a great pleasure for any DIY amateur!

How much do the fence panels cost?

The price of one fence panel starts at around 35-40 PLN. The cost rises according to the protection method (the galvanised and powder-coated panels will be a bit pricier), the wire thickness and the panel height.

Inexpensive fence panels are one of the most budget-friendly ways to protect the property. They are solid and resistant, as well as aesthetically pleasing. They are efficient, look well with surroundings. You can use them to fence the whole property or just on the sides and in the back.

How much are the fence panel gates and walk gates?

If you are going to fence your property fully with the fence panels, we advise you also put in your basket a panel fence walk gate and entry gate, which are just as easy to install. These elements have the exact appearance, only with the difference in the massive frame.

Usually, a fence panel walk gate costs around 300-400 PLN. In case of a fence gate, the price depends on its variant. In our store, you can find double-wing fence gate and sliding gate, opened manually or equipped with an automation. The last option costs around 3000-4000 PLN.


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