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Fence posts

The fence posts are crucial for installing any type of fence. They provide a stability of construction and enable assembling the panels or the fence modules into a whole. As a standard, they are made of rectangular or round steel profiles of various diameters. Additionally, the fence posts have different technical parametres depending on the fence type (e.g. wire mesh, panel fence) and the localisation of brackets.

Each fence requires the initial, corner, and intermediate fence posts. In the case of entry gates and gates, a special kind of fence posts with blind rivet nuts may be needed. All of the products in our shop are adequately described, however do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. = Jak możemy Ci pomóc

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Posts for wire mesh fence

A wire mesh fence is one of the methods of budget-friendly fencing of the property. The posts for the wire mesh fence cost about 20-30 PLN per piece. They have got a round profile of fi diameter 3.8 cm. These posts are made of stell and they are filled inside. They are not galvanised, but powder-coated, with a 2-year guarantee.

Posts for panel fence 

The panel posts are used to join and install the 2D ad 3D fence panels. They are produced from 6 x 4 cm steel profiles of rectangular cross-section. Depending on the height of the fence panels, you need to match a post of the right size. All of our panel posts are protected from corrosion by zinc coating, for which the manufacturer provides a 2-year guarantee. Additionally, the posts can also be powder-coated (in green RAL 6005 or anthracite RAL 7016), which has a 5-year guarantee. 

Posts for fence panels

The posts for fence panels are rather universal. They may be used to install not only the fence panels, but also the classic and modern fences. They are made of steel profiles of square cross-section. In our offer you will also find:

The posts are galvanised and powder-coated, therefore well-protected from corrosion. The manufacturer's guarantee lasts 5 years. The posts' height must be individually matched to the size of fence panels. You can also choose a little pricier solution, which is posts without any holes - they are also galvanised. Their colour can be chosen from a few options.

Posts for gates and walk gates

Posts for gates and walk gates slightly differ from installation posts. Firstly, there are not as universal and it is crucial that you match their height prefectly. In order to do that, please consult one of our specialists before purchasing. Posts for gates and walk gates are produced from galvanised and powder-coated steel, however it is advised to paint them once again right after the installation. The steel profiles have a square cross-section equipped with a rivet nut. They can be used to install any type of walk gates and double-leaf swing gates.

An alternative option to the steel posts for gates and walk gates are the aluminium posts from the Element fence system. They are easy and fast to install as they do not need to use concrete - they are founded on a special foot that provides stability to the whole construction.

Posts for sliding gates 

In the case of sliding gates, the compatible posts are usually sold together as a set - these are the running and the pass-through posts. Sliding gates are often installed on concreted posts or prefabricates. It is advised to start installing the fence with the gate first and add the rests of the posts and panels later.

Posts for fence - the price of one post 

The price of a single posts depends on many factors - its intended usage, height, metal processing, diamaeter. The simplest posts for wire mesh fences cost at most about 30 PLN. Similarly, the panel and fence posts which are empty inside are also on the cheaper side - around 50-70 PLN. However, the posts without holes and the special posts with rivet (posts for walk gates) may cost around 100-250 PLN per piece. Slightly more expensive can be the double-sided posts which allow installing both wings of the gate.

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