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Panel fences

Panel fences are one of the most budget-friendly solutions for any estate, either private (looks exceptionally well when surrounded with conifers!) or company. They are also used to protect industrial areas, car parks, parks and squares, and public utility buildings. Panel fences are simple and fast to install, also on one's own. You can mount the fence on the steel posts either concreted in the ground or screwed to the fence foundation. If you buy fence panels, it is advised to choose a panel walk gate and a gate.

Fence panels in the Sparta system (produced by Polargos) are 2.5 metres long and of varying heights, which you can modify to your individual needs and preferences. Fence panels can have a 2D (flat) or 3D form - with additional decorative wire ribbings.


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Modern panel fences - the construction, appearance, materials 

Panel fence systems consist of a set of ready-to-install fence panels. They are made from a thick steel wire, which is powder coated and hot galvanised to protect from corrosion. The panels are in the form of a net - the wires are places horizontally and vertically, crossing each other. One panel of such a fence is much longer than a traditional fence panel, as it is 2.5m long. The height of the fence should be customised due to your own preferences and security level that you want to provide. In our shop, the height of the panels vary from 1 m to 2.5 m tall.

2D and 3D panel fences 

A panel fence can have many forms - usually it is a 2D or 3D panel. The first one is a flat steel construction made from a slightly thicker wire. The 3D panels also have ribbings, which means that the wire is bended like the V letter. These three dimensional additions are built into the whole length of the panel. The ribbings can be one-, two-, or even threefold. They have an important visual and aesthetic function. 

Full panel fences

The fence panels made from steel wire are usually not filled in with any other materials. However, it is common to name any modular fence system with ready components as 'panel fence'. In such cases, the spaces in these ready-made steel panels between the profiles can be in fact filled in with wood or a wood-like material to get rid of any clearance and therefore effectively secure the estate from any outside observers.

Walk gates and panel gates - double-leaf, sliding, automated

You can readily match a compatible walk gate and a panel fate to your fence panels. These elements look exactly the same, though there are enclosed in solid steel frames. Which gate to choose is up to you - whether it is a double leaf swing gate or a sliding gate. It depends on your personal preferences and the size of your plot and driveway. Regardless of the type, consider an automated solution - with a drive mechanism. It will allow you to conveniently open the gate without having to leave the car. In the set with an automated gate, there are all necessary elements for installation - the sliding tracks, posts, guide rollers and trolleys. You can also add to your cart the photocells and LED lamps, which will greatly improve the safety while using the gate.

Galvanised panel fences protected from corrosion

There are two versions of panel fences available in our store - painted or additionally protected from corrosion. The latter is achieved through hot galvanisation of the fence wires, which makes the wires several times more resistant to corrosion. Thanks to that, the fence looks presentable for many years and does not need refreshing or conservation every few seasons. The wires in the zinc coating are powder-coated - layering the paint using the method of electrostatic spray. This way, the paint sticks well, it is resistant to scratching, abrasion or other mechanical damage.

Installing the panel fences - DIY or ask the specialists?

Installing the fence panels is fast and simple and you do not need any technical knowledge or experience, which reduces the cost of employing a specialist. Of course, hiring a team of professionals is convenient and saves you time, though is not necessary. You only have to attach each of the fence panels onto the installation posts. First, you should place them correctly, put them into previously dug holes and cover with concrete to make them stable. Then, you will assemble the fence panels one by one, using panel clamps or connectors, without having to stretch or cut the elements. The fence panels look great on a fence foundation, which you can order in the form of a prefabricate.

The cost of panel fences

Panel fences are a bit more expensive than a classic wire fence and yet cheaper than the traditional or modern solutions with steel profiles or railings. A low fence panel without any engravings can be priced at as low as 60 PLN. The price is also affected by the treatment method of the steel wires. Panels that are hot galvanised will cost a bit more than those without such treatment. Walk gates and panel gates are also less expensive than their classic or modern variants, not compromising its functionality. An automated panel sliding gate will cost about a few thousand PLN.

Inexpensive panel fences - the pricelist of Sparta system produced by Polargos 

Polargos, the Polish producer of fence systems, recommends panel fences as an affordable solution for any budget. The prices of all panels, gates, and walk gates are shown above - alongside every product.

Panel fences vs. modular fences 

The price of fence panels is several times lower than this of modular fences, though both names are often used interchangeably. Is there any difference between the two? The modular fence is a much wider definition. A lot of types of fences can fit this description: a panel fence, but also a wooden fence or a steel one. In a modular fence you get pre-assembled parts which will be ready to install.


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