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Automation for sliding gates 

If you invest in automation for your sliding gate, you will gain a great amount of comfort. It is by far more convenient to simply press a button on a remote control and wait a few seconds, than getting out of the car each time you want to open the gate. If you haven't bought a sliding gate yet, we suggest you choose an automated one as your first choice. In case you do already have a gate, you can purchase a drive. Browse the possible options and decide, which one will work best for you, depending on your gate's weight and width. To make sure you make the right choice, please contact our specialists.

You can easily install the drive for you sliding gate on your own, following the detailed instruction manual provided by the manufacturer. You don't need any expert knowledge, experience or professional tools.


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A drive for sliding gates - how to choose the right model? 

When buying a mechanism for a sliding gate, you need to carefully study the technical parameters of the device and the possibilities it offers. A drive dedicated for a sliding gate at a private estate will be different than a drive for an industrial type of fencing. Most importantly, pay attention to the material, width and the weight of the gate that a given device can operate. In case you have any doubts, please contact us - our specialists will gladly help you find the right solution.

Good automation for sliding gates - what are the features? 

All of the technical parameters of a specific model of a sliding gate mechanism are very important. Pay attention to parameters such as temperature range of the device, the technology and functionality, power supply, security level, energy intake level, and the number of day cycles.

A good mechanism for a sliding gate operates regardless of the temperature of the surrounding and is equipped with an emergency power supply. It works smoothly, quietly, and quickly. An especially coveted feature is the option of slowing down the gate in its maximum range. This way, the whole gate construction and its elements is protected from mechanical damage. It is advised that the device is equipped with an obstacle detector, which can detect on its way various obstructions and will protect from a possible breakdown.

An entry gate with a walk gate - a partial opening 

An especially practical function of sliding gate automation is so-called walk-gate function. In that case, the mechanism of the gate opens it only in a limited scope so that you enter your property on foot or with your bike. Thanks to that, there is really no need to install another walk gate in your fence and open your gate in full scope every time you use it.

Programming the sliding gate mechanism 

The most important opportunity that the automation offers in terms of programming is the number of connected remote control devices. While purchasing, definitely check how many devices (and therefore, users) given mechanism can handle and consider if the number is sufficient for you. Most of the drives available in our store can handle as many as a dozen or so.

Another important function is the possibility of installing photocells. These devices are installed on opposite posts. If they detect the presence of any object (a vehicle, a person, or an animal) on their track, they will stop closing and start opening the gate again. It is an essential function for your safety.

Check if you can install a key switch to your chosen mechanism - it will prove useful in situations such as waste disposal during your absence at home.

Sliding gate mechanism as a smart home element 

The elements of so-called smart home (systems and devices) are becoming more widely available and not as costly as they used to be a few years ago. Automating the everyday activities and chores can bring many benefits - it will save your time, give comfort, lower the energy intake and increase the security level of all household members. The mechanism for your entry gate can become a part of the smart home, though it has to be compatible with the used system, e.g. TaHoma. Thanks to such combination, you will be able to control your entry gate remotely - sitting comfortably on the sofa or during your absence (using a dedicated app).

Of course the possibilities offered by the smart home systems are much wider - you can also remotely control the lightening, heating, the window blinds, awnings or any other devices connected to the system.

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