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Smart home

Smart home is the future that starts now! It is a selection of systems and devices that redefine what it means to feel comfortable and secure at home. 

Controlling your gate, walk gate, blinds, lighting, heating, home alarm and cameras not only saves you time, but it is also eco- and budget-friendly.  You can control the devices with a remote or through an app on your smarthpone - not only from the comfort of your own sofa, but from any place in the whole word.

Some elements of a smart home system make sure that your estate is safe also when you leave for a longer time. The system can remotely turn the lights on to deter potential burglars and it will always notify you if there is a third person at the house during your absence.

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Smart home - the Smart Home TaHoma systems

Connecting the devices and controlling them remotely is made possible thank to the TaHoma Box Gateway. This small devices allows you to use all connected devices with a remote, a computer or a smartphone. Through this gateway, the devices communicate among themselves, which makes it possible to program the vast part of your home equipment. You can control the devices one by one or in a group, creating complex scenarios and routines. Of course, you can still control the devices manually.

Smart controlling the heating

The TaHoma Gateway connected with compatible devices will allow you to control the heating remotely. Thus, you can start heating up your flat or home right before you come back, saving both the energy and the cost of an all-day heating. You can also turn the heating on in single rooms, for example in a bedroom or in a bathroom moments before you are going to use them.

Smart home lighting

The remote control of lighting at home is both convenient and economical.. While sitting on an armchair or a sofa, you can find a source of light inside or outside the house that is unnecessarily turned on. Likewise, with just a few clicks you can turn on the light in a specific room where you are headed. This way you will not have to walk in the dark and risk your safety and comfort. In the app you can also turn the lights on at your house no matter where you are and therefore simulate the presence of household members.

Smart home lighting requires special bulb holders. Controlling the system is available with a remote control, as well as through a smartphone after connecting it to the TaHome gateway (see the compatibility). Additionally, it is advised to install the receptors outside the house to control the lighting in the terrace or a garden.   

Smart controlling the blinds, awnings, and gates

A smart home equipped with the TaHome system makes everyday life much easier for all household members. You can control the window blinds or awnings on your terrace to have the perfect amount of light or shade without having to move. On a hot day, you can pull down the blinds remotely, even from your place of work, to make your house a little cooler before everyone comes back without any air conditioning.

You can also remotely control your entry gate and walk gate with the TaHome system.

Smart home - the price of innovative solutions

The smart systems and devices - the elements of a smart home - are first and foremost an investment in the security, saving the costs and comfort. To ensure that everything works smoothly, the TaHoma gateway is needed, which costs only around 1500 PLN. Additionally, you need to ass the price of devices which are compatible with the system. For example, the bulb holders that are needed to remotely control the lighting cost around one hundred PLN each. It is important to bear in mind, however, that investing in a smart home - the system and the devices - will quickly bring a return as the benefits from automating the everyday tasks is priceless. 

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